Amberlee Rosolowich

My body of work is inspired by my hearts attention towards animals and their behaviors. Learning along side of them, and watching their struggles, yet still mostly fun approach to life.
I am continually in awe at their relationships, lightheartedness, and curiosity.

As a child, I spent weekends visiting my mother at work, employed as a zookeeper and fish aquarium diver. I became fascinated early on with animal behavior, carrying pockets full of doodles around the zoo. Watching animals enjoy life, encouraged by the fun and silliness of them, I imagined these animals as my chit chat friends, and spent many of my younger years pretending they could hear the quiet me. As a painter, I have tried to express the lightness and importance these relationships offered, creating playful, calm, lighthearted and sometimes just silly paintings.

"even the ants, work so hard to build those mounds."

"Watering the Garden"
oil on canvas
36 x 63