Amberlee Rosolowich
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Represented by:
Hespe Gallery San Francisco

Red Sea Gallery Singapore + Brisbane

My body of work is inspired by my love for animals, watching their enjoyment and simplistic seeming approach to life.
I am continually in awe at their relationships, lightheartedness, and often endless care for another.

As a child, I spent weekends visiting my mother at work, employed as a zookeeper and fish aquarium diver. I became fascinated early on with animal behavior, carrying pockets full of doodles around the zoo. watching animals enjoy life, encouraged by the fun and silliness of them, I imagined these animals as my chit chat friends, and spent many of my younger years pretending they could hear the quiet me. As a painter, I have tried to express the lightness and importance these relationships offered, creating playful, calm, lighthearted and sometimes just silly paintings.

(A story I heard.. from my Mom once.*)
A man died--and when he got to Heaven.
he had a few questions,
one of the questions he asked was
"why did all those animals suffer?"

and God replied,
"I left them in your care"