Amberlee Rosolowich
Equal Hearts (detail)"Equal Hearts"little observer other side of the world (close up)big things little packagesLunchbox walkPeas in a Podmiss you minifirst rescueyeafinch stackno soup massacreleoni winHearts and MindsDay CareMidnight Watchbundabergthe untouchablesthe untouchables (detail)holding on`sailboat easekodiak carehurricanekruger comforts (detail)kruger comforts  
(for Moore)      .."he.hee"get your armor (detail)get your armorjumpEqual HeartsEqual hearts (detail)to the other side of the world (detail)little observerto the other side of the worldtiger heartsTiger hearts (detail)GaurdianGuardian (detail)Shhh..sweetdreams (detail)sweetdreams
selected archive 2009-2011
(pieces in this folder are no longer available)

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